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Paint coating process to prevent corrosion of steels requires cleaning the surface in the pretreatment process, as base coating (primer coating) to inhibit corrosion, and to apply top coating.

NO-BLAST is simplifying pretreatment process of metal surface, converting oxidized surface and corrosion to passive layer through chemical reaction, to apply upper paintings

The iron compound converted from rust will protect the surface to be able to maintain its metal characteristics. and to inhibit future corrosion by strong chemical adhesion to the metal surface..

  • Convert rust to insoluble thin film (chemical reaction)
  • Control and decrease the speed of corrosion process (passivation)
  • Maximize the adhesive strength to paint


Main Characteristics Description
Environmental-Friendly (NO VOC)
No volatile materials, harmless to work environment and workers
Reduction of Work and Working Hour
Improve Work Efficiency
Eliminating rust removal process and primer applications
Durability+Adhesion+Corrosion Inhibition
Vibration/Impact-resistance, adhesive strength