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Before and after using NO-BLAST in apartment construction of Daewoo E&C

Before and after using NO-BLAST in apartment type factory construction of Inwoo Construction

Before and after using NO-BLAST in rusty steel


  • Construction - H-Beam, Steel Structure Equipment, Steel Bridge
  • Shipbuilding - Pretreatment, Ship Repair
  • Offshore Structure - Safety Facility, Offshore Structure
  • Chemical Industry - Chemical Facility, Plant
  • Transportation Equipment - Special Equipment, Automobile
  • Power Plant Facility, Power Plant
  • Steel Structure - Large structure Iron Manufacturing Facility
  • Others - Environment Causing Steel Corrosion

NO-BLAST is a water-borne synthetic polymeric formula for application to rusted ferrous metal surfaces.
NO-BLAST coating converts the rusted surface to a dark, stable iron compound.
NO-BLAST is impermeable to oxygen and moisture while providing a rust free surface ready for finish painting( a conventional primer application is not needed ).
This easy-to-use product is the first step in providing long-term protection for the steel and iron surfaces.
Suggested NO-BLAST allows all kinds of paint and vanish coating, and is used on?various iron/steel surfaces including welded joints, grooves and internal pores.